Today has been a tough day. Woke up feeling shaken and low then had to deal with being stuck in the middle between my family and my husband again !

We have had an extension built during lockdown and it’s been dragging on for what feels like forever ! A 3-4 month job has now turned into a 6 month job. Started just before the covid lockdown and it’s still not finished. Iv had no kitchen for over 3 months now!! The stress has reached breaking point. My dads been doing the building work. The build is done but the kitchen and flooring still isn’t finished. Having family involved with any big home project is tricky and I’m constantly in the middle trying to keep the peace between my dad and husband. My husband always worries if he is getting the right price etc and my dad feels like he is under a magnifying glass. My brother has said he will do the flooring for us in a couple of weeks time. The work tops should be being fitted tomorrow hopefully but I still won’t have an oven or a floor for at least 2 week more!!! Grrrrr I want to scream! My anxiety was through the roof this morning and iv been working so hard at my job under really hard odds with all the covid restaurant restrictions etc. (Btw I work in a pub restaurant as well as teaching dance to children ) my boss at the pub has gone into over drive with worry and stress and had been really high strung with the team creating a tense atmosphere for everyone. I had to call in sick today as iv been having migraines which the docs say are probably stress related . Great! So I had a day off ! A Sunday off! I stayed in my pjs and had a pizza takeaway whilst watching Jurassic world lol. Haven’t achieved anything today. Haven’t even left the house , but I don’t care as I needed the time out. Time to take stock and calm down.

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