Are you ready for this??

Well, what can I say?! My last blog I was convinced I was pregnant. I had been feeling more nauseous then normal and I’d had some awful nights awake with anxiety etc. It turned out I wasn’t pregnant at all. And I was pretty convinced I was.

I spoke with my hubby and said I didn’t want to try again this side of Xmas as it was stressing me out every month. The waiting and worrying if I am or not and the conflict inside about weather I wanted it or not, or could even cope with it or not.

In the case of our sex life, it’s not great. My sex drive is very low. Probably a few reasons for that such as my IBS and the fact I never feel quite “ well” so it’s the last thing on my mind. So in terms of when we have sex, I control when we have sex. I knew I could control exactly if/when etc. My hubby was a bit put off by my wishes to wait (again) and put off trying for more months. So I thought,“ ok il relax a bit and sort of try”. Almost tricking my self by not having sex on certain days of peak fertility.

So 13th November we have “unprotected” sex. This date was around 3/4 days before predicted ovulation so I thought (tricking my self again that I wasn’t actually trying)

We hadn’t had sex since that date and yesterday (29th November) I thought I would take a test, as cooking was turning my stomach a bit. it was 3 days before my period was due. And, you guessed it! Pregnant!! Oh shit!

I hadnt had as many symptoms as I had the first pregnancy as I felt so nauseous from week 2 last Time so I knew I must be pregnant. This time I hadn’t really other than my normal IBS /anxiety nausea. so it was a unexpected. I’d had sore boobs and a week or so of bad/restless sleep.

So… last night either due to the anxiety of finding out or just feeling worse symptoms, I kept waking up every hour being restless and feeling nauseous so at 4am I thought I’d go down into the sofa . It’s been a rough night and I still feel horrible. Nausea that won’t budge and Now diarrhoea. I’m so exhausted but I’m too anxious and queasy to sleep. It’s now 9am ! Grrr ! I just hope it’s not like this the whole time as it was last time.

Night 1 of a positive test:

  • Sleepless
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Hungry but don’t want to eat

Things I tried and if they helped at all 😦 –

  • Anti nausea meds -cyclazine ( don’t think it helped at all)
  • Rich tea biscuits (helped a little)
  • Bread sticks (helped a little bit more)
  • Ginger tea (no help)
  • Peppermint tea ( no help)
  • Hot water bottle ( comforting)
  • Milk shake protein drink ( not much help)
  • Small Porridge (a little help but not for long, and was hard to eat )
  • Soda water with fresh lemon ( helped a little to just sip)
  • Ginger beer ( no help)
  • Block of cheddar cheese (nibbled and helped most)

I just wish I could get relief so I could sleep.

Wish me luck guys! Fingers crossed for a safe pregnancy and il be doing another test in a few days incase it was wrong. I do feel a little like my period might come so I’m holding off telling everyone yet.

I’m off work on Furlough due to covid so I’m glad i found out now before I go back to work. I’m hoping il be not asked to go back to work in the pub for a while as I’m worried il be high risk now and I don’t fancy serving food or working long hours on my feet, being pregnant.

I’m so tired!!!! Il keep you guys posted on how I get on and if this pregnancy is successful, I should be due August 2021 .

Today is Week 3 day 7!

This is me about a month ago when I felt well! 😆 and before the bloating kicked in

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