Still pregnant

Well everyone so far , I’m still pregnant!

I’m around 5 weeks 3/4 days now. If you have been following my other blogs you will know that when I found out I had 2 days of feeling dreadful but actually after those 2 days I think I got off pretty lightly in terms of pregnancy symptoms. I’m such a hypochondriac but it’s hard to know sometimes what’s real in terms of symptoms and what I’m projecting on myself through knowing I’m pregnant. This time I didn’t feel pregnant at all for a good two weeks. I only felt nausea when I was hungry.


The last 2/3 days the nausea has ramped up a lot. As I actually feel nauseous almost all day and through the night now 😦 also hungry but can’t choose what to eat as I don’t fancy anything. Grr.

And to think, I actually was having thoughts that something must be wrong as I didn’t feel horrible so Iv jinxed my self. Big time!

Iv had to ask work for sorter shifts as I work in a pub and the covid situation is a worry but also it adds stress if I can’t rest and eat when I need too. I was going to quit my job as I don’t want to be working in a bar/restaurant when pregnant and feel ill. I can’t think of anything worse than serving food and having to talk to people with a smile, when all I want to do lay down.

I worked last week (when I wasn’t feeling too bad) , and it was fine. I only had 3 shifts 3 hours each so it was doable but now the nausea has stepped up a gear, I called in sick this evening and I’m glad I did as I do feel sick , sleepy and grumpy ( I feel like most of the 7 dwarfs actually) .

I haven’t been sleeping well either. Waking between 1-2am and again at around 3am and again at around 6am . Each time I’m having to make my self eat something like a rich tea biscuit or banana. It’s frustrating to say the lest.

I’m also swinging between constipation and diarrhoea which is great fun!! Ahhhh

To top it all off Iv got the added worry of my previous miscarriage back in May 2019. So I’m constantly wondering if I’m going to loose this one and if I do, when will it happen. As my body missed it last time.

There has been a lot of talk in the media the week about miscarriages and I’m glad it’s being spoken about openly as I always wanted to be open about mine to anyone who would take the time to listen. It made me feel validated to talk about it and that it was being acknowledged.

Anyway ….. that’s all for now but if I end up having a panic attack later , il write again lol

Wish me luck guys

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