Week 5 day 6 pregnant!

Well Iv been up most of the night on the sofa. Feel too sick to sleep and it’s triggered my anxiety as well. Oh the joy!!! Just can’t relax enough to drift off even though I’m shattered.

I did manage to get about an hours sleep at around 2-3am but it’s 5:15am now and I’m trying to eat a block of cheddar cheese. Bloody nuts right?! I know ! but I think it’s helping a tiny bit.

It’s such an odd thing, pregnancy nausea. You feel so hungry but too nauseous to eat but you have to make your self eat to get a little bit of relief from the worst of it.

I was told cheese was a good one as it’s high protein/ fat and can ease the Noring hunger that goes hand in hand with the nausea.

You should see the nest of things I have around me right now.

Biscuits, cheese , bread, herbal tea, tv remote, book, soda water and a bucket 😦 even typing the last one makes me feel panic. Having a phobia of vomit has got to be one of the most debilitating phobias. The way I see it, you fear something from within your own body that could happen at any time and you have no control over it. You also can’t escape it as you can’t escape your self! It feels like your your own ticking time bomb.

So I’m really struggling tonight. The pregnancy nausea has ramped up and I barely get any break from it. And it’s triggered my anxiety now big time.

I’m supposed to be working today but I can’t see that happening if I still feel like this.

Il just keep making my self nibble the cheese and hoping I can , at some point, get back to sleep


4 thoughts on “Week 5 day 6 pregnant!

      1. I’m so sorry to hear that. Thank you for opening up and sharing something so personal to you. Have your check ups with the OBGYN gone well?

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