8 weeks pregnant in lockdown

Hello everyone. I’m still pregnant! It’s been a rough few weeks to say the least. Iv gained around 8lbs in weight , I’m eating every 30 mins or I feel terrible.

Most days I wake up at 1am and again at 3/4am needing to eat and almost every time I wake at 3am I feel so awful I have to get up and go down stairs to sit on the sofa and try to eat otherwise the nausea gets so much worse. Occasionally I sleep the whole night but that’s maybe once a week, then I feel much better that following day

I truly feel like a prisoner in my own home at the moment. What with feeling so crappy all the time, needing to eat constantly and this new tier 4 lockdown we are now in. There is nothing to do and I wouldn’t want to go out even if I could as I feel too terrible most of the day.

My tips for managing “morning sickness”

Why on earth it’s called “morning” sickness I will never know as it strikes any time of day or night or can be almost constant. Some unfortunate souls have what’s known as HG which is an extreme type of pregnancy nausea and vomiting. If your vomiting more than 2/3 times a day, please contact your health care provider as you maybe experiencing HG and you may need medical help to get you through.

  • Eat as soon as you wake – this is very important. Even if you don’t not feel hungry, eat a cracker, apple or something before you set foot out of bed.
  • Don’t let your self get hungry- if your stomach is empty, your far more likely to feel nauseous so keep snacking every hour or so.
  • Drink herbal teas- teas like, ginger and lemon or peppermint can be useful in settling your stomach.
  • Bland foods -such as pasta, baked potatoes, crackers, bread sticks, toast can be more easily tolerable. Easy carbohydrates.
  • Protein- you might be really off meat right now as I know I am, but cheeses such as cheddar, mozzarella and cream cheese have been life savers for me. Protein is great for quelling the hunger nausea
  • Vit B6 – I’m not a doctor so I don’t know why this works other than it helps the body deal with the new surge in hormones and it’s the new hormones that make you feel so terrible. You can take up to 100mg a day but I suggest taking between 10-25mg 3 times a day after your main meals.
  • Sleep- nap/sleep as much as you can as you will probably feel drained most of the time and fatigue makes nausea 10x worse
  • Fresh air- even though it’s a struggle to make my self leave the house, I know that a fresh air is really nice and sitting in a stuffy house can aggravate nausea
  • Gentle exercise- even if is the last thing you want to do, light yoya, gentle bike ride, swim or walk etc can do wonders for feeling nauseous
  • Soda water with fresh lemon juice- not only a great way of getting vit C, lemon juice is great for cutting through heartburn and nausea.
  • Kiwi fruit- this is a recent discovery of mine, but iv found this fruit brilliant for helping alleviate the pregnancy bloat . It has a digestive enzyme and helpful fibre that’s aids digestion and eases the uncomfortable bloat that makes you look far more pregnant than you are
  • Gaviscon – or any ant-acids can be useful for heart burn but talk to your doctor first

You may wish to ask your doctor for anti sickness/nausea medicine if your really struggling. There are a few safe options during pregnancy but please try all the natural, home remedies 1st as it’s never good to add chemicals to your body whilst pregnant if you can avoid it.

I’m waiting on the midwife team to contact me for my first “booking appointment” and bloods/pee tests etc.

Our family’s know but we haven’t announced anything as yet just incase.

Wish us luck. I’m scared as the last baby stopped growing at about 8 weeks 3 days and I’m pretty much at that point again now.

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