25 weeks pregnant!!

Hey , I’m writing this today for purely selfish reasons. I’m at the local hospital waiting for my 25 week midwife check up. I’m struggling with my nerves so bad , feeling nauseous and tense.

So I’m writing this today as a distraction as well as to keep you in the loop as it’s been a while.

Since I last wrote, a lot had happened. We found out we are having a boy! Great news as we really wanted a boy but would of been happy with either. Baby is happy in there and growing well and everything is measuring as it should be.

Since weeks 10/13 ish Iv been itching my skin . No rash or anything just constant itching all over. Stopping sleep and very all consuming. I told my doctor and they asked me to have a blood test to see if it’s something to do with acid levels in the blood.

Turns out I’m boarder line for a condition called ICP. which is a liver function issues caused by too much bile acid going back into the blood which in turn, makes you itch. It can cause issues to birth and ups risks of still birth / prem births etc so I had to take it seriously. Weekly blood tests needed and monitored for baby movement etc. Not fun I can tell you. But I’m glad to be looked after. Those of you who know my past history will know I get anxiety and panic attacks as well as ibs . More fun on top of being pregnant and all those extra worries !!

I now have to get to my local hospital weekly for tests and then once a month for appointments etc. Now on a good day I would struggle with this but now the traffic has picked up and there are big road works everywhere, it freaks me out ! I’m already feeling sick , tired, heartburn etc and now Iv got the extra pressure and worries if these extra appointments to try and get to!

So I’m sat here waiting for my 25 weeks appointment. The midwife is running late so Iv been here for almost 30 mins waiting and my appointment time has passed ages ago.

Feeling nauseous, in edge and a bit like I want to run away /drive home ASAP.

I’m trying to be good and wait but the longer I wait , the more I want to leave !

No fun at all!!!

Rant over lol 😂

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